Is there is an investment of money?

a. This is NOT an offer to sell securities, there is NO INVESTMENT required.  We are selling tokens that can be traded.

Will there be an expectation of profits?

  1. In our whitepaper, we do not suggest ANY profit from purchase of our tokens.

Is the investment of money is in a common enterprise?

  1. There is NO INVESTMENT, our whitepaper is offering tokens to purchase.  We are not offering an economic interest in any enterprise.  We are offering tokens to purchase for participation in a gaming platform.

Does any profit come from the efforts of a promoter or third party?

  1. There is NO profit being suggested in any form our whitepaper.


“What would you say you do here?”

  1. PetFriendly Partners, LLC, is a collaborative and transparent social platform designed to educate animal lover’s about issues related to the human-animal bond and animal ethics including the elimination of cruelty through the expansion of animal welfare and animal rights initiatives. As a result, pet care providers, pet parents and guardians will have access to the information necessary to make responsible, informed and animal-centric decisions to create a world that is kinder to all sentient beings. We seek to bring together all interested parties to accomplish this goal with transparency and truth. An overarching mission of the company is to provide a comprehensive PetFriendly Certification Program for animal products and offerings with the same wide recognition and acceptance as the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval or Trip Advisor. Our mission will be accomplished through the creation of a set of animal/pet friendly standards of acceptance and excellence and the establishment of formalized alliances including partnerships of individuals and pet friendly organizations. Included will be not for profit animal-focused organizations and associations, for profit animal-centered enterprises as well as, local, state and federal agencies and organizations of law enforcement, social service, faith-based and community groups, businesses, health care and legal assistance providers. As a result, consumers will have greater confidence, trust and knowledge related to the use and purchase of animal and pet products. We embrace the tenant that a world where we are nice to animals translates into a world where we are nicer to people.

Do these people know what they’re talking about?

  1. Peggy and Jodi are awesome.

What do you have so far?

  1. The PetFriendly.Love™ community is live with over 150 members.

What’s the plan?

  1. The PetCoin™ will launch in April 30, 2018, with a fully functional marketplace and member community.

What’s the use of funds?

  1. A total of 50MM tokens are available, 50% of tokens sold will be used for development and marketing of the PetCoin™ and the PetFriendly.Love™ community.

When will the token be listed on an exchange?

  1. We are using good faith and commercially reasonable efforts to list PetCoin™ tokens on as many reputable Ethereum exchanges as possible.

How will the organization interact with the token once it hits the market?

  1. PetCoin™ will actively support the token through the PetFriendly.Love™ site and marketplace.

Social Media Presence?

  1. COO Jodi Clock is an expert social media marketer, and has plans to build a powerful marketing campaign by heavily leveraging social media.


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